New I have couple of RA / TA positions, could be turned into PhD positions dependent on satisfactory performance. Contact me for details.

About Me


Amitava Presently I am working as an Assistant Professor at the IIIT Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. I am also associated with NIIT University, Rajasthan as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, while worked there at NU on a full time basis during January-June 2015.

I obtained my PhD (Engineering) from Jadavpur University, India. During my doctoral study I worked for an Indo-Japan collaborative project with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. In my last endeavor I worked as a Research Scientist in the Human Language Technologies (HiLT) lab at the University of North Texas, USA. Before moving to USA I worked for Samsung Research India, Bangalore as a Chief Engineer. Before that I spent one year working as a European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) Postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway.

During my doctoral study I mainly worked on Sentiment Analysis but I am interested in almost every aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP). My research interests broadly span three areas and more specifically their intersection: Human Language, Mind/Cognition and Artificial Intelligence. Presently, I have been fascinated by the evolving research area called Computational Creativity and actively working on various forms of machine’s creativity including linguistics creativity. Presently I am also actively working on code-mixing in social media text and Computational Social Sciences.